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Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossi Grade 1


REGION: Tana Toraja, Enrekang, Mamasa

ALTITUDE: 1,100 - 2,200 m

VARIEITIES: Typica, Djember

PROCESSING: Wet hulled, sun dried

Q-GRADE: 86 Points

CUP: Mild acidity, medium - heavy body

FLAVOR: Earthy, sweet plums, and raisin notes

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Sulawesi Coffees

Sulawesi, another of Indonesia’s islands famous for its Arabica coffees. The Island boasts three highland regions producing beautiful Arabicas; Toraja, Kalossi and Mamasa. Kalossi Arabica is produced in the highlands south of Tanah Toraja in the region of Enrekang. The coffee owes its name to the regions capital city Kalosi. The high altitude and volcanic soil is perfect for growing coffee and the yearly production ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 tons. All Kalossi Arabicas are produced with the wet hulling method which is also used in North Sumatra. This produces a coffee known for its rich, earthy body and smooth finish. The bean features delightful berry flavour notes and an exotic aroma and like other Indonesian coffees, Kalossi Arabica has a very low acidity. The majority of the coffee comes from smallholder farmers who each have approximately 1 to 1.5 ha and sell directly to private processors/exporters.



100% Arabica Coffee.

Green coffee beans, raw coffee, unroasted coffee.

Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption. Foreign materials may be present such as stones.